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    My 2017 goals & resolutions

    They say if you publish your goals and resolutions you will feel more compelled to follow through. So I decided to give it a try and post my goals & resolutions on my blog…

    13. January 2017
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    New year, new you?

    New Year is here and with it a promise of new, fresh start, a chance to do things better, to be better. Even though we can decide to improve our life and our habits…

    2. January 2017
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    Words of Wisdom

    In every seed lies a promise of a forest. – Deepak Chopra Featured image: original image by Swen Schlager/Unsplash, graphic design updates by: Barbora Bardonova…

    17. October 2016
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    How to clean your way to success

    One of the surprising ways how to increase your chances to succeed is to do some cleaning. Cleaning, in its essence, is an activity of getting rid of impurities or dirt, to remove, to…

    2. August 2016
  • Grow Words of Wisdom

    Words of Wisdom

    “In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” – Robert Heinlein…

    17. April 2016