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What do you want the world to keep of you?

10. April 2016

No matter how many times I’ve seen the video for Noah and the Whale’s ‘Give a Little Love’ song it still touches me. It demonstrates perfectly the concept of ‘what you give is what you get’.  Whether you apply it on how you treat other people, how you spend your time, what are you working on or where you invest your life energy, your results in all those areas will always reflect the nature and amount of your effort.

The lyrics of this song also inspired the name of this blog. I realized that there are only two days that we all have in common – one day we are born and one day we pass away. What we do with the rest of our days is what the world keeps of us.

The idea of leaving some legacy behind, to give our live a meaning may seem as some abstract, spiritual concept until we realize that we are actually leaving something behind every day no matter if we are consciously trying to do so or not. And if it is so, wouldn’t it be better then to aim our focus on activities that would ensure that our legacy would be worthwhile?

Let’s do a little exercise together borrowed from one of the most successful self-help books named The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey:

Imagine that you are attending your own funeral. All your family, friends, colleagues and people you know gather and they are talking about you. What would you like them to say about you and your life? What kind of person would you like their words to reflect? What contributions and achievements would you want them to remember? Think about it.

Recently I came to the point in my life when I started thinking about where my life was heading. After giving it some thought I realized that I actually didn’t really like the direction it was going to. There were things I wanted to accomplish and experiences that I wanted to have, yet my every day actions were not bringing me closer to create the life that I dreamed of. I had to change this, I had to redirect my live, I had to change the way I was thinking and how I was spending my time. I immersed myself into the study of self-development, productivity, organization, transformation and many other fields. I experimented, I tried various concepts with smaller or bigger results and I have finally changed the course of my life. It hasn’t been always easy and I am still not 100% where I want to be but I am moving forward and this feeling of progress makes me happy and satisfied.

You can do it too.

Start by ask yourself a question if the way you are living Today, the choices you are making on daily basis, the activities you spent your time on and the way you treat other people is consistent with the legacy you want to leave behind?

If your answer is Yes – Congratulations! Keep doing what you are doing. If your answer is No, do not worry. There are many ways and tools that can help you to create truly fulfilling life. In fact, I founded this blog with this very intention to share all that I’ve learned (and still learning) while working on fulfilling my life dreams. So, just decide where you want to be and take action to get there.

At the very end, only your actions decide what world keeps of you.

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