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How to be a high caliber person (by Tracy Hensel)

4. February 2020

One of my ultimate goals on life is to be the best possible version of myself and to lead the best possible life. I have my own goals, resolutions, systems and mantras to achieve that but sometimes I come across a powerful message from an inspiring individual that echoes with me so much that I make it my own. This is exactly the case of Tracy Hensel’s concept of High Caliber Person. I’ve been following Tracy for a while, I find her videos and Insta stories on emotional intelligence very enlightening. In her YouTube video named How To Be a High Caliber Person & Optimize Your Life in 2020 she introduced 10 resolutions which, if you keep them, will make you into a high caliber person and help you optimize your life. Let it inspire you as much as it inspired me.

Resolution #1

I will not waste my money on things that I do not need, nor things that do not look good on me
I will not settle for mediocre items that do not serve me in becoming a high caliber person and align with my goals of optimizing life

Resolution #2

If I am in my weigh window I will stay in my weight window throughout the year
If I creep out of it, I will take the lesson and make the necessary steps to get back on track
If I am not in my weight window, I will get to it in the year 2020
I will not make excuses as to why I cannot achieve this goal, as I recognize from past experience that excuses have played a big role as to why I am not currently there in the first place

Resolution #3

I will take responsibility for my attitude, my behavior and my actions
I will not point fingers at other people and falsely accuse them for how I handle myself in certain situations
Regardless of how someone else behaves, I always have control over what I do or say in response to their behavior

Resolution #4

I will cultivate the meaningful relationships in my life
I will have the confidence to create boundaries with individuals that do not respect me and my core values or beliefs, although they may differ from theirs
I will know when I have to step away from a relationship and I will do so with grace and class

Resolution #5

I will be responsible with my time
I will avoid distractions that do not serve my best interest
I will prioritize my time, accept help when it is offered and confidently ask for help when I need it
I will not judge myself for not being able to do everything
Nor will I make unrealistic expectations of what others get done

Resolution #6

I will stay in my lane
I will also respect the fact that everyone’s journey looks different than mine
Their journey is not for me to judge

Resolution #7

I will recognize and accept that good and bad are neither right nor wrong
Right or wrong are neither good nor bad
These are only judgments that we place on people, places and things
What I see as bad, someone else may see as good and vice versa. What I see as wrong, another person may see as right and vice versa.
All this judgment prevents me from optimizing my life and becoming a high caliber person I long to be

Resolution #8

I will let go of controlling others
I will recognize that controlling others is counterproductive and will never serve me
I will put that energy into something that I can control – ME!

Resolution #9

In knowing that “like” attracts” like – I will assume responsibility for the fact that what I put out is what I will receive, better understood as “we reap” what “we sow”

Resolution #10

In knowing that everything you say “yes” to, is saying “no” to something else, and vice versa, I will say “no” to the things that do not serve me in optimizing my life and being the high caliber person I strive to be
From this day forward I will say YES to me!

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