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A guide to sustainable Christmas

12. December 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but maybe not so much for our planet. During this short festive period we eat more, drink more, buy more, travel more and produce more waste. While we are taking care of everyone and everything, let’s show some love also to our precious planet by incorporating some mindful eco friendly actions. Here are some simple tips on how you can pitch in and be more sustainable around Christmas:

Buy or decorate tree in a pot

It will give you all the benefits of the real Christmas tree (the special look, the smell, the presence of something natural in your home) yet it will still be fresh after the holidays are over. You can keep it for the next year or give it to somebody with a garden to plant it.

Use Christmas lights powered by sun energy

Christmas lights are essential component of Christmas decoration. They help to create that magical ambience. By using ones powered by sun energy you will reduce your energy consumption and be more eco-friendly without compromising that festive feel.

Decorate with DIY or natural ornaments

Using natural ornaments is one of the Christmas trends at the moment so you will not only be eco-friendly but stylish at the same time. Channel your creative energy and make your own decorations. Use natural or sustainable materials such as cones, moss or twigs. Make your own Christmas wreath, be it from fresh pine, wine corks, baubles or toilet paper rolls (yes, I’ve seen one). Decorate your tree with dried fruit (dried orange slices look really good), cinnamon sticks, ginger bread, popcorn or paper strings. There’s really no limit to what you can create with your imagination.

Buy local ingredients for Christmas dinner

Whatever your traditional Christmas meal is use local and green goods to prepare it. They don’t have to travel around the world to get on your table so you are saving a lot of fuel energy. They usually tend to have more nutrients as they don’t have to be harvested unripe to withstand the duration the travel. Support small farmers and business owners, shop at farmer’s markets. Not only you will get better quality products but your money will stay in the community.

Purchase from package free shop

If you want to avoid packaging waste then package free shop is your best friend. It usually offers wide variety of local groceries and green cosmetics and the quality is great. You can buy ingredients for festive meals or you can fill nice bottles with shampoos or shower gells, slap a handmade etiquette on and voila…you have a eco-friendly present.

Give handmade presents or experiences

Giving handmade present is like giving a piece of oneself. It shows that you care because you dedicated your precious time to make it. Whether you have talent for making the tastiest jam, delicious cookies, homemade soaps or candles, you will create something unique. If you are not skilled in the crafts department the next best idea is to give experiences instead of tangible gift. Think wine tasting, cooking classes or gym membership…whatever pleases your loved ones.

If you want to buy presents buy the right ones

Try to think sustainably also when buying presents. Avoid single use items. Purchase fair trade products. Buy green cosmetics. Buy from companies that produce ethically, sustainably or give back to community. Your money has power so use it to promote good things.

Donate things not used to charity

The time before Christmas is usually also the time for big cleaning. If you happen to discard some things don’t just throw them away. Give them to charity or offer them for free on some swap or e-commerce platforms.  One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.


Whether you decide to incorporate all of these tips or just one, remember that every good action, even the smallest one matter.

Have a wonderful eco-friendly Christmas!


Image courtesy of: Unsplash – Rawpixel

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