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Christmas tree decorating guide

4. December 2019

Decorating a Christmas tree is an alchemy of its own…you have to strike that delicate balance between too much and not enough. With the Christmas tree being the centerpiece of Christmas decorations let’s have a look on some foolproof color and ornaments design schemes. From the classic to crazy ones there is inspiration for everyone.

The classics

There are certain color combinations that instantly make you think about Christmas. Think red and green…they can be basically Christmas’ trademark.  Some other time tested classics that never disappoint include:

  • red and gold
  • gold and white
  • silver (with loads of angel hair)
  • white

In terms of decorations glass ornaments especially glass baubles are another Christmas staple. You can never go wrong with ribbons, tiny bells or angel wings.


Trending now

It’s refreshing to spice things up from time to time and incorporate some dernier cri.

One of the strongest lifestyle trends of nowadays is sustainability and eco friendliness. It’s no wonder that it’s making its way also into festive decorating. It’s closely connected with other trend – natural ornaments. Wooden or straw ornaments, twigs, cones, dried fruits..

If you can dig up some old family decorations you will be right on trend as well. Vintage ornaments can be seen everywhere these days. They represent the appreciation of past, of traditions…and those are the cornerstone of Christmas.

Finally, we’ve seen it before but it’s here again. I’m talking about blue décor. Blue metallic baubles, blue ribbons, blue everything. Not my cup of coffee but chacun a son gout.


Ode to creative

Whether you choose to create your own ornaments, whole Christmas tree or just decorate it in new, unusual way you can be sure that you are creating unique masterpiece.

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