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My 2017 goals & resolutions

13. January 2017

They say if you publish your goals and resolutions you will feel more compelled to follow through. So I decided to give it a try and post my goals & resolutions on my blog in order to put a little bit of pressure on myself but also to inspire some of you to think about what you want to do with your life in 2017 (if anything).

Let’s see how successful I will be in achieving these goals and keeping my resolutions.

My 2017 goals:

For me, setting personal goals for upcoming year is more important than making resolutions because they represent something that I will be gradually working on for the whole year and they steer my life to the direction I want it to go. Also, they show me where my priorities are, so in case life gets busy (which in these hectic times happens more often than I would like) I know what to focus on.

Career goals
  • Develop my blog and post regularly.

This is my number one goal for 2017. It’s really something that I feel passionate about. My aim is to prepare 2 blog posts per week making it 104 posts in total in 2017.

  • Achieve professional level in Adobe Creative Suite.

Graphic design is my other passion but my current skills are not on the level that would allow me to create top class graphics quickly and easily. In this year I would like to close the gap between what I visualize in my head and what I can actually produce.

Health & fitness goals:
  • Lose weight and maintain it on 57 kilograms.

Over the course of last year I gained weight due to some personal difficulties and health issues. I want my old slim and fit body back J! Of course, it goes without saying that I want to achieve by eating healthy and exercising at least 3 times a week.

  • Continue saving to create financial security.

I started to be more financially responsible in 2016 and I set up regular monthly payments to my saving account. I want to continue with this practice this year as well.

Relationships/Social life
  • Reconnect with old friends

2016 was a very turbulent year for me. I changed job two times, battled some health issues…I didn’t have lot of energy for socializing hence I neglected a lot of my friends. I miss them and this year I intend to spend more time with them.

  • I also have some goals for my romantic relationship but from obvious reasons I will keep those to myself 🙂
  • Finish furnishing my apartment.

Kitchen redesign is long overdue as well as improvement of the home office area. Also, I need to find a perfect sofa – one that both I and my boyfriend would like J.

  • Refresh my driving skills.

I haven’t driven for quite a while. I would like to start driving regularly though so a little (or big) refresher is on the way.

My 2017 resolutions:

I decided to follow my own advice given in New year, new you?  post and make just few key New Year’s resolutions :

  • Focus on just one thing at a time and finish it.

I tend to allow myself to be pulled into too many directions, trying to do too many different things simultaneously. As a result, everything is half way done and nothing is fully completed. This year I want to focus on just one thing at a time and work on it till the completion.

  • Watch less TV series and read more.

Yes, I am guilty. I watch too many TV series. For me it is a way how to relax after a stressful day at work. However since one of my goals is to blog more I will need to change the way how I spend my time. The habit to watch series is strong but my commitment to writing this blog is (hopefully J) stronger.

  • Stay away from sugar as much as possible. 

I developed a bit of the sweet tooth recently. I don’t feel good about it. I also put on some weight. I noticed that there is a linkage between what I eat and how I feel. Many studies and my personal experience show that eating too much sugar doesn’t make you feel good, not to mention its negative impact on your health. So I decided to eliminate these unnecessary calories as much as possible.

And most importantly, this year I just want to grab life by the horns, take action, experiment more, laugh more and 2017 simply spectacular!


Words by: Barbora Bardonova

Featured image: original image by Dustin Lee/Unsplash, graphic design updates by: Barbora Bardonova

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